Canvas – Organizing your Files

During the Fall semester, Canvas changed the way files are organized within the Files area. In the past, a teacher could drag a file up and down the list and organize it anyway he/she wanted. Now days, files are organized alphabetically.
There might be times where you want to have control of how a file is stored, that’s why I wanted to give you a few suggestions.

#1 – Organize your files into folders. Creating folders gives your files area a much cleaner look. You can organize them by Chapters, Weeks, or even by file type.
#2 – If you don’t want Canvas to organize the file for you, change the name of the file or add numbers like “001”, “002”, “003” etc. before the title of your file.
#3 – Check your files to make sure you have what you need. Often times I see professors that have files that they don’t use. For example, they might have an old syllabus from several semesters back. If you’re not going to use it, delete it!

As you follow these steps you will find that it’s easier to navigate through your files and once the next semester comes around and you’re ready to transfer your content, it will also be easier to find what you need and import it.

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