Canvas – New Releases 9/14/2013

Canvas will be releasing two new feature this weekend and we wanted to give you a quick preview of what they are.

Quiz Regrade

The Quiz Regrade feature is an improvement to quiz assessments. Instructors will now be able to go back to a quiz, make changes and have those change affect the students who already took the quiz. Some of the regrading quiz features include:

Award points for both corrected and previously correct answers (no scores will be reduced)

Only award points for the corrected answer (some students’ scores may be reduced)

Give everyone full credit for this question

Update question without regrading

The instructor should select the desired option and then update the quiz question.


The inbox has also had some changes to it’s interface.

Courses drop-down menu: In the courses menu, you can filter messages by course. The drop-down displays your favorite courses for quick access, but you’ll also be able to organize your inbox by more courses and concluded courses. Tags will appear at the top of the inbox to show what course is being filtered.

Users will have the option of switching back to the “old conversation” interface if they choose to.

Here’s a quick video with the release notes:

For more information don’t forget to visit:



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