Presentations using reveal.js

Anytime that we use presentations we are trying to captivate our audience and help them gain a better understanding.  Then we reach for our jump drive that has today’s presentation on it and realize it is sitting at home, at the desk.  While there are many ways to prevent this the one solution that we’d like to introduce you to is reveal.js.

Check out how it can be used here:

This open source solution is available at github for those that wish fork their own copy to play with.  There is also an online editor that allows you to work directly in the cloud.  Try the online editor out at with a free account.

The Pros

  • Slide creation tools are simple and easy to use.
  • Mobile friendly presentations will scale to any device.
  • Slides can be saved as webpages for offline viewing.
  • Has some advanced control for remote controlling and presenting on multiple devices.
  • Easy embed code to insert into any webpage (including canvas).
  • Will work with animated image (.gif) files
  • Very quick and light weight loadtimes
  • Can be independently hosted

The Cons

  • Some Features are pay only (pricing here).
  • Non normal tools create a small learning curve.
  • Customized CSS isn’t available by default
  • Some hosting setup if using independently

In conclusion this is a very fast lightweight tool that definitely worth the exploration.  If you have any questions, please, let us know!

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